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MENESTOR is energy storage distributor and system integrator covering short and medium term energy storage solutions.

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SkelGrid Omni launched

We are launching SkelGrid Omni onto our markets. Skeleton Technologies brings new ultracapacitor solution to reduce the billions worth damages from short-term power outages occurred every year by power...

Skeleton Technologies Expands Through New Partnership with Menestor to Eastern Europe

Skeleton Technologies announced partnership with Menestor s.r.o. during Intersolar tradeshow in Munich which will help reach new customers in Central and Eastern...

Skeleton samples arrived.

Today we have received SKELETON TECHNOLOGIES samples of graphene ultracapacitors that we will be showcased in our office. If you would like to see them, we invite you to a tour and, of course, good...

Graphene ultracapacitors – Skeleton Technologies distribution!

We learnt about graphene a few years ago and we fell in love with this new material. Especially its electric conductivity properties (we will make separate post about graphene in the future). We hoped that somebody very smart and creative will come up with energy...

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